Pier76 Fish Grill was born of a vision.  A vision of quality seafood, coupled with thoughtful culinary execution to create innovative and healthy cuisine.  

Founders Christopher Krajacic and Michael Santos created Pier 76 Fish Grill to deliver a healthy, affordable and delicious seafood-dining alternative to the humdrum of unimaginative and corporate-inspired influx of food options. 

“We deliver genuine hospitable service and quality driven seafood, perfectly executed every time.“

Whether you stop in for a quick lunch or a quality dinner, you will find attention to detail, welcoming smiles, warm hospitality and a passion for excellence in everything we do. 

Pier 76 Fish Grill is a new American seafood eatery with an artisanal approach combined with West Coast flair. What you will find is a menu inspired by a contemporary style of cooking that utilizes fresh and local ingredients.  The result is food prepared daily in-house using traditional ingredients, ensuring our best is delivered each time.

Chris, the creator and curator of the menu at Pier 76 Fish Grill, believes in a clean approach to food.  He brings a minimalist view of ingredients in his old world perspective, mixed with innovative techniques, ideas and creativity.  He has combined flavors from America’s rich cultural mix with traditional techniques to cultivate a menu focused on the sea and centered on the grill.  This new American spin can include everything from a twist on an old American standby, new takes on old-world peasant dishes as well as authentic American comfort foods. 

At its most fundamental level, Pier 76 Fish Grill is linked to the sea and Americana, in both appearance and approach.  It is partly named after a pier, the symbolic link that extends into the sea to connect consumers to fishermen.  The number of this particular pier, 76, represents homage to the American style of cuisine that Chris considers the restaurant’s culinary anchor.  It’s also a number that evokes America’s beginnings, as well as the beginnings of Pier 76 Fish Grill’s founders, who were both born in 1976.

The genesis of Pier 76 Fish Grill also has a more auspicious link to the ocean.  Of all things, the improbable destruction of Chris’ sailboat, the Krackerjack III, while at sea helped Pier 76 Fish Grill come to fruition. While anchored several hundred yards off the coast of Tahiti, the 40-foot catamaran unexpectedly caught fire due to an electrical problem while Chris and others were surfing nearby.  Engulfed in flames, it was a total loss.

Left with nothing, Chris made his way back to the states, where he and his high school friend, Michael Santos, set out to open the first Pier 76 Fish Grill.